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PES19: Journeyman

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 10:27 pm
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Welcome to the beginning of what is hopefully a long, fruitful career across many of Europe's best, and worst, leagues on offer in PES19!

I have never really attempted anything like this before, having spent most of my managerial career as a perpetual one-club man, but the times they are a changing! Above all, I am just really excited to develop a managerial career, with my own brand (or Louis Van Gaal esque philosophy) of football that I can implement and develop across each club that I manage!
I intend to keep this career mode as realistic as I can in respect of transfers, as well as managing my own reputation! However, I would like to set out a model/guideline to dictate the flow of the career:

  • I don't want to put a cap on the natural progression of the save, but I would like to avoid staying at a club for more than 3 seasons. If I reach that point, then I should ponder whether this is part of the simulation or part of my own self-indulgence. This should be helped with the following rule
  • For each club, set measurable criteria for myself for what I hope to achieve. For example, if I get a team promoted, I don't want to stay there until I can do a CL run. But staying and avoiding relegation is fine! I can leave without hitting those objectives, but reaching that ceiling should be a sign to move on.
  • Manage in each European country at least once. To help with this, I have created a tier system that ranks each of the countries. I have to manage in each country of given tier before I can entertain a move into the next tier. It also acts as an artificial way to track my reputation!

The tier system is as follows!




Finally, this save will be played in Coach Mode! This was a tough call, as I know I will find it hard to resist at first, but it gives the save a more authentic feel and that any players who perform well will be on their own volition, rather than my ability to just spam one-two passes to break defensive lines. It puts a heavy, heavy emphasis on my tactics and in-game management which is exciting in itself I think!

That's everything! I will pick my team tonight and give them all faces! Expect monthly updates (PES gives monthly reports showing all of your results which is handy!) for every month of football!
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:33 pm
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01 August 2018:

Samuele Neels is confirmed Manager of Ligue 2 side Cháteauroux on a 1-year contract, expiring July 2019

Coming into this side, they're not much to look at! They have only ever played one season in Ligue 1, and that was back in 1997-98! Other notable events in their timeline include their cup run in 2003-04 through to the final of the Coupe de France - however, they lost 1-0 to PSG. What might become interesting later is that following that run, they qualified for the UEFA Cup the following season. But they didn't enjoy much of a run as they lost in the first round against Belgium outfit, Club Brugge.
Their history otherwise is so underwhelming that they have nearly broken a record! They have played for 38 seasons in Ligue 2, which is only 3 seasons short of the record. So in a way... helping them towards that would be quite historic, especially for my first job in management! 
So that helps define my ceiling:

  • Help Chateauroux towards the record of most seasons in Ligue 2. Keep them in the top half of the table
  • Go as far as I can in a cup run

To add some stakes, I would like to add the following condition. By matching their previous cup run, I am allowed to pick a team up to 2.5 stars in rating in the next country (Chateauroux are 2 stars). If I were to perform horrible, such as not even winning my first match, then I am condemned to a 1.5 star team. It is only a minor stake, but I think it nicely ties my time here to the clubs history!

Finally, to give some context to my time here, I would like to give a quick overview of my first 11 and bench!

GK - J. CONTRERAS [68, 24]

RB - M. SOUMARÉ [69, 21]
CB - G. BOURILLON [72, 34] (C) 
CB - S. CONDE [73, 25] 
LB - A. RAINEAU [70, 32] 

DM - O. SANGANTE [64, 27] 
DM - Y. M'BONE [70, 25] 

RM - R. BOUKARI [66, 31] 
AM - M. BARTHELMÉ [70, 30] 
LM - M. MERGHEM [61, 21] 
CF - C. MANDANNE [74, 33] 

GK - R. PILLOT [63, 28] 
CB - N. FOFANA [63, 28] 
DM - A. SISSAKO [61, 20] 
DM - S. NIANG [66, 23] 
AM - J. LIVOLANT [69, 20] 
LW - A. YAMGA [59, 22] 
CF - F. DIARRA [68, 26] 

What I find quite interesting about this squad is that there are clearly some exciting looking prospects within the ranks! Not many, but enough for me to get excited about developing them over my rein at the club. The main players that stand out;

GK J. Contreras. Pretty young and is decently rated. Hopefully, I can push him into the 70's and maybe make him a viable option for Tier 2 level teams! At 6'2, he just about edges into the passable category for GK's!

AM J. Livolant. I mean, 69 at 20 years old is pushing the wonder kid category! He specialises at AM and CM, but has experience at DM, LM, LW, SS and RW! Pretty sure he will be getting plenty of time on the pitch this season, though where he plays will depend!

RB M. Soumaré. Finally, this young RB looks like he has everything needed to become a TIER 1 Fullback somewhere across Europe! Fingers crossed that translates well into strong performances to see us battle well in the league!

I will add each of these players to my Watch List! That way, I can track their careers and see how they develop. I will do the same for any favourite players once my time at the club reaches an end. Good stuff!

Next up, I will give these handsome bastards some faces and I will be back at some point with August's summary!
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:56 pm

The official unveiling of Samuele to the French public!

August, 2018

Quite an interesting start to life, huh? We were dropped straight into a pre-season tournament against some of the biggest teams in the world, I assume we were intended to be the whipping boys, and as the results show, that's mostly what happened.

It has to be said though, that we gave a good showing of ourselves against Barcelona. Their two goals came late in the second half and we had plenty of chances to take the lead ourselves if any of our players could finish! It gave us good confidence going into CSKA which we ran away as emphatic victors! It was only pre-season however. The main fixture arrived at the end of the month where we got our league campaign up and running against Paris!

Young prodigy, Livolant, got us up and running for the season, basically securing his space in the team for the foreseeable future!

This image really sums up the match. Total domination of possession, restricted them to only 2 shots and completely played them off the park. Just what we like to see!

Transfer News

Predictably, the financial situation at the club isn't too rosy. We have a transfer budget which we could use to land a decently rated player, but our wage structure just wouldn't support it. Regardless, we have a great squad as it exists, it could just use some seasoning. Which is exactly what I did with the 3 promotions from our Academy!

This young Croatian midfielder, while he might not look like much right now, shows fantastic promise. With an imposing figure at 18 years old, he already has a fantastic work rate which makes him the fittest player in the squad! If we can round out the defensive side of his game, in a few years he is bound to turn into quite the menace for whichever league he finds himself in.

Promoted purely on the grounds that he is a young Frenchman, something which is surprisingly missing from the club. We have plenty of CF's of a similar level, but they are all old and a poor alternative to the first choice players. I rather lose them from the budget and give Giroust those chances instead. As a bonus, he has decent height, so he will be a great option off the bench! I love wing play, but my first choice Striker doesn't really cut it aerially. Only 16 years old so definitely a player to keep an eye on!

I would be lying if I said I didn't pull him up because of his name. I don't imagine he will get too much game time, but I like having my third choice GK being young from the academy. Maybe he will get some time towards the end of the season or if one of my other GK's gets an injury!
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:12 pm
September, 2018

5 goals scored, 1 conceded. Can't really ask for much more! There's something about this team that makes player possession based football so easy! Right now, we're setting up in a 4-3-3 and the French simply can't handle it. We stretch the play by forcing everyone wide, which stretches their defence. Which is their problem. It basically gives Livolant the entire pitch to dictate what happens next! 3 assists and 2 goals says all you need to know about his role so far. 

But it wasn't Livolant stealing hearts this month, but Giroust! 

0-1 down against Niort (the first game of the Cup!), he came onto the pitch at HT to provide an outlet for the wingers. He displayed excellent target man traits to consistently hold the ball up to then tea up Livolant for a second-half brace and a meeting with PSG in the second round.

This was the turning point. Feeling confident, he immediately hit inspired form where everything he touches turns to gold. He is experiencing rapid growth at the moment and feats like the following are going to boast that even further!

He becomes the first player under Neels' managerial career to hit a hattrick and he doesn't look to slow down anytime soon. I don't imagine the first choice ST is too happy with this but with this kind of form, he's just going to have to make do for a while!

Elsewhere, Livolant was selected as the Official One's to Watch player by Samuele. Basically meaning he got a photo-op and an interview.

What a great guy.
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Tue Nov 27, 2018 1:51 pm

Well, that was eventful!

Let's preface this month with the focus on the man of the hour, Giroust! The unexpected starter had a strong September and was looking to carry that form into October. 

He was even getting interviews!

He started strongly with goals against Béziers, which lead straight into the Second Round fixture in the Cup against PSG. PSG started with no less than their absolute best first 11. They were not here to fuck around! Predictably, they took the lead pretty early on. And just when it looked like hope was fading, Giroust hit a quick double to give us the advantage! From then, the game got a bit nervy. When my players felt tired, it was like they had brought on a whole new team. But we held them off for so long! From the 33rd minute to the 63rd, we were in control and creating a lot of chances! It was so nearly a different story but unfortunately, the game ends in tears as we were powerless to resist their attack.

We kept that cunt Neymar pretty quiet though!

That came nearly took our momentum out of the league too. We nearly dropped three points against Ajaccio immediately after but Giroust, tired and off the bench, came on to steal a last minute equaliser. The question then turned to one of wondering how long he would be able to keep up this scoring streak! Because he did it again against Gazélec (in the first 4 goal thriller of my campaign) and then eyes were turned towards Le Harve. A goal against them would make it scoring in every game for a month. 

Was there any doubt?

With the spotlight being on Giroust, special mention needs to be given to the rest of the team. My wingers are chipping in plenty, by DM's are strong and imposing and while my Defence didn't keep a single CS, they do well to keep the opposition out. I will need to make a tactical shift though. My FB's don't have the energy to bomb up and down so frequently and I play a high line. Most goals that I concede come late in the match with a through ball just killing my CB's; being too slow to catch the forwards.


It is not very often that a bargain comes along. But in scouting for a few hidden gems, I came across this prospect at DM

From Argentina, he currently finds himself without a club and will arrive on a free in January. I don't imagine he will be long for this level of football, but he should help secure our surprise title challenge by aiding us in keeping some more CS's. If all goes well, I imagine a few vultures will look to peel him away from us. But that's okay. Because we got him on a great contract and he should move away for a high fee, bring some much-needed funding to the club! Alternatively, he could fail to impress and have a mediocre career. No pressure kid.

Team of the Month was dominated by our players! It was a great month as we currently sit at the helm of the table
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:45 am

There really isn't too much to say about November, to be honest. Plenty of goals scored as we cemented our position at the top of the table. The only team that's close is Grenoble Foot 38. Who I have decided that I hate because they're right behind me and have a great defensive record. It makes ours laughable really, but we just score so much more than everyone. It wasn't until the last game of the month that I managed to pull a CS, which, with the realisation that Grenoble where coming at the end of the next month, became a challenge I wanted to set for myself. See how many CS's I could keep until then!

As for our lad Giroust, he scored exactly once in every match this month. Often time, grabbing the goal to give us the lead. Truly, he and Livolant are just too big for this league. January will be interesting...

Giroust scoring his final goal for the month to keep up this impressive streak!
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:05 am

Such drama. Ultimately, I consider the month a failure.

We kicked off in emphatic fashion with a 6-1 nuke over Nancy. Perhaps it won't come as a surprise to learn that Giroust picked himself up 4 goals. The first three of which came inside of 20 minutes!

I don't know what it was about him in this match but everything he touched just turned to gold. The only downer was that they robbed me of my CS!

We then picked up three CS's on the bounce, which I was pretty pleased with! All of which put me in the mindset that Grenoble wouldn't stand a chance. I ever rested key players against Clermont to ensure I had the first team fit and ready. Although interesting, Mandanne, the original first choice Striker, bagged himself a hattrick here as though to remind me that it's not all about that Giroust hype.

And the game itself. It hurt. They put three past me and ended my winning streak. But it meant so much more than that. It was the big game, the game that meant our closest rival would get pegged back and in the end, they done us in at Home. At least Giroust scored though...

Stats wise though, what a month for both Giroust and Livolant! 9 goals and 7 assists respectively. That's better than what most forwards get over a season! Once we reach the half-way stage, I'll drop in some tables to show just how well everyone is progressing!

At the end of the month, however, three players dropped a bombshell.

Time to hang up the boots

Raineau, our LB. 
Bourillon, the CB.
Sangante, CDM.

I guess if you're going to leave, this season is the time to do it. Although Sangante is only 27, so I guess he doesn't really think highly of himself if he thinks this will be the peak of his career. It does give me the responsibility of securing their replacements before the end of the season. We have a new CDM arriving next month anyway, and I might try moving one of the existing ones into CB (as they have the right frame for it). 

But Bourillon will be a huge loss. That guy is a rock next to Conde (who himself is a CB in his prime, playing for his International team). So I would like to find a CB who has just as much experience as Bourillon to fill that Bourillon shaped whole. As for LB, I'd love to pick up a player with some great stamina because right now, we are getting nothing from the Fullbacks when normally, my FB's tend to pick up around 10 assists between them! 
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:02 pm

I bear sad news.

Giroust's fantastic streak. Finally comes to an end.

As you can see, it was a game which we had effectively lost if not for the last minute goal from Mandanne. But one of the hottest streaks in football comes to an end - but what a run it was! And it seems he took it well because in the following match...

He brought it back with a hattrick hahaha

I feel like I have a responsibility to give some context to his ability and style. You would think from the way he has been playing that he's some next-gen Mbappe / Giroud combo. But he doesn't particularly shine in any area, he just does everything well. He can finish with either foot from inside the box, which is where basically all of his goals have come from. And his role in the team is to act as a counter target, so he doesn't drift from the centre. But at least 20 of his goals have come from playing one-twos with the AM or wingers. He just finishes very well every time. 

He is surprisingly bad at headers. He hasn't scored one despite being around 6'2". He has a bit of strength, enough pace. But really his best asset is his link-up play within the team. It will be interesting to see how he performs in a different team with a different structure but he feels like he has some distance to make up to be the next Kraus, let alone CvPjr. But right now, he is the best striker in the league. Here's the data for the halfway point in the season!

Frankly, it's pretty ridiculous how much he's running away with it. Even if he is out-performing Kraus in a league of a similar level, the tactics and quality around Giroust are of a higher level. But anyway - good stuff, great player! Likewise for Livolant who's basically his designated provider!

Don't let it go to your head, kid. 
He did score in this match though (Niort)
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:35 am

I guess I never really made it all that clear that throughout January, we were struggling. We pulled off a number of wins, but often times they were comebacks and against the run of play. It wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that really, it could have been four straight draws!

And this poor form we might have had continued into February, included a back to back defeat. If we are being perfectly honest, we would probably be sitting second in the table if not for the 4-1 win over Metz, who are now only a couple of points behind us.

On the prospect watch, this was a month for Giroust to forget. He blanked in the two losses and he struggled to put away a number of great chances. On the other hand however, Livolant carried the team. 

Picked up the only goal of the game in our 2-1 loss to Beziers

Perhaps the pressure to step up in place of Giroust was too much, because in the following game he had zero motivation - to the point that it would have been irresponsible to play him. So I gave him the match off and played the original first team AM in his place and... well. We lost 0-3 to Ajaccio and failed to score for the first time this season. I'm just grateful we kept him through January else this second half to the season could have been a meltdown worth watching.

He came back against Gazelec Ajaccio (some sort of redemption game) and put in a MOTM performance

His assist for Giroust (who again struggled to put away a number of key chances) was rather delightful. It was a counter-attack at the end of the game, he ran onto a lobbed through-ball and sweated it across goal to Giroust. Only it wasn't a traditional sweat, but rather a looped header that went over the CB and the on-rushing GK.

Anyway, that's February done. Not long left in the season now. I have some space between 2nd and 3rd but ideally we want to go up as Champions. 

I have also started the process of renewing contracts and scouting for the replacements for the retiring players. It's probably worth looking up a Livolant replacement too, if we're being honest.
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Re: PES19: Journeyman

on Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:21 am
MARCH 2019

I'm gonna be honest for a moment. March was dull as sin. 4 games, a clean set of results and a hat full of goals all around. My closest rivals kept pace and essentially, this month didn't really happen.

One thing did remain true which is that Livolant has stepped up massively this year and feels almost indispensable to the team. It's telling that the game he didn't play, Sochaux, resulted in a draw. It's just so much harder to create and link-up play without him! And with the added bonus of his increased goal return, he's paving his way out of the division match by match.

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